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Throughout time and space, one constant has held true: Happiness is an avocado. Okay, the part about time and space may be a stretch, but the part about avocados being happiness is very much real. Avocados have seen a spike in popularity over the past few years with the announcement of their status as a “superfood,” prompting people everywhere to… Read more →

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My Homemade Bruschetta Recipe!

  Ingredients: Compari Tomatoes Small Yellow Tomatoes Olive Oil Balsamic Glaze Feta Cheese For Dipping: Publix Italian Seasoning – found in Deli Small Bread Slices (Toasted) or Bruschetta bread chips Preparation: Fill bottom of 8-inch skillet with olive oil and Italian seasoning Cover with sliced or diced tomatoes – both kindsPlace sliced Sautée the mixture on medium-high heat for 8-10… Read more →