Nicole Monturo

Nicole Monturo
Nicole Monturo is a foodie who loves cooking and baking for her family.

Food has long played a positive role in Nicole’s life. A deep believer in food as the “Great Connector,” Nicole Monturo appreciates the myriad of ways in which fantastic meals have colored meaningful experiences since childhood.

Nicole loves the way cultures surround themselves around their meals and the food that they eat. Across all different cultures and all different ethnicities, the one constant around which everyone’s lives seem to revolve is the act of eating a meal. She sees the important role that meals, eating, and food in general have on each individual culture, and enjoys in partaking in consuming foods from around the world. Nicole has a particular fondness for German, French, and Italian cuisines.


Nicole Monturo is a self-professed “foodie” who is passionate about cooking healthy and wholesome meals for her beautiful family.


Nicole Monturo recognizes the many ways in which what and how we eat can impact, improve, and transform our way of life. From a health perspective, food is obviously crucial. It is the fuel which we burn to live our lives. Every adventure we have ever enjoyed, step we have taken, even every cherished memory we have formed – all of this is made possible by the energy a proper diet affords us. However, food is so much more than just a biological need.

Food is one of the most incredible markers of culture, location, and even time. Like a language, food can illustrate the most beautiful, resourceful, and unique aspects of a given community. In families across the world, recipes are the near-sacred personification of personal history. Meals are foremost places in which to extol tradition. The way in which loves one congregate around the table to break bread is a universal component of the human experience. Nicole greatly enjoys sharing her enthusiasm for that experience with the world.

nicole monturo
Nicole combined her passion for cooking with her desire for a healthy life to create wholesome dishes for her family.

When she first began her transition into healthy eating, Nicole knew that she was going to have to find a way to make the healthy dishes she needed to eat taste like ones she wanted to eat. Because of her affinity for food and all of the cultural importance surrounding it, she decided to pull influences from other cultures whose foods she’d long enjoyed. Although the most nutritious foods may not be as savory as some of their less healthy alternatives, she has learned how to pair them in dishes with tastes both from around the world and from her backyard vegetable and herb garden.

Nicole Monturo also knows the importance of self-care and treating yourself every so often, and isn’t afraid to bring some sweets into her healthy lifestyle. The phrase “everything in moderation” is one by which Nicole lives her life. She knows that as important as it is to treat your body right, it’s also important to treat your soul right, and believes food is the key. Since wholesome food and meals are so important to Nicole, she loves to bake all the desserts she enjoys herself to ensure that she knows what she’s putting into her body.

When not cooking herself, Nicole Monturo enjoys the work of Julia Child, as well as Rachael Ray. She is a proud parent, as well as the happy owner of two adorable puppies.

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Nicole Monturo’s focus on health doesn’t stop at the dinner table.

Her desire to live a wholesome, healthy lifestyle is fueled by her love for her family and wanting to spend as long with them as possible, and she knows that the best way to help ensure she does is to take the best care of herself and her body as she can. That’s why Nicole decided to include an exercise routine as part of her daily life. On top of the workouts she does at home, Nicole also enjoys taking long walks. Her love of nature and all-things outdoors makes her nightly walks around her neighborhood that much more enjoyable, especially when she has the company of her two loveable puppies.