14 Custom Mac & Cheese Recipes

Macaroni and cheese. There’s something about the combination of those two words that can make any belly rumble and any mouth water. But why stick to just ‘macaroni’ and ‘cheese’ when there are so many more ingredients you could be using? Put some twists on an old favorite and try out one of these custom mac and cheese recipes tonight!

  1. Pizza Mac & Cheese – Do you like mac & cheese and also pizza? Of course you do! So there’s no reason you won’t love this mix of two fan favorites, mac & cheese and pizza.
  2. Shrimp Mac & Cheese – If you’re looking to make a mac & cheese dinner, why not throw in a little seafood to shake it up? With shrimp and Old Bay mixed in, it’s a recipe any seafood-lover will dive into.
  3. Taco Mac & Cheese – Add a little Southern kick to your mac & cheese and dress it up with corn, tomatoes, beans, chilies, and everything that makes tacos so good!
  4. Summer Greens Mac & Cheese – For a healthier dish with a taste of summer, try this vegetable-infused dish that incorporates okra, zucchini, and chard into the cheesy pasta mix.
  5. Lobster Mac & Cheese – While mac & cheese itself doesn’t make for a fancy date night at home, mac & cheese made with gruyere, fontina, brie, and lobster makes for an upscale dish you can make at home.
  6. Spicy Cauliflower Mac & Cheese – This recipe makes eating your cauliflower a breeze, especially since it’s baked with three different cheeses: cheddar, fontina, and butterkäse!
  7. Nicole Monturo Mac & Cheese
    Macaroni & cheese is not only delicious by itself, almost anything can be added to it to spice up a regular meal.

    Queso Mac & Cheese with Bacon – The only thing better than combining two of your favorite dishes is combining three; this Southwestern-style mac & cheese incorporates delicious, creamy queso with everybody’s favorite: bacon.

  8. Caprese Mac & Cheese – For a fresh, Italian twist, this recipe calls on another favorite, the Caprese salad. Perfect for summertime, it calls for fresh basil and arugula and plump cherry tomatoes to make this dish a certain summer favorite.
  9. Asiago Mac & Cheese Pie – If you’re looking to thrill guests with a truly gourmet dish, this mac & cheese is the perfect choice with asiago cheese, Tuscan kale, and a potato crust infused with truffle oil.
  10. Mushroom Herb Mac & Cheese – Another recipe that’s sure to wow even the fanciest crowd, this dish has an earthy feel to it as the mushrooms and herbs complement one another while the swiss and white cheddar cheeses do the same.
  11. Sausage Apricot Baked Brie Mac & Cheese – While this recipe might sound and taste gourmet, you can make it yourself without the help of a sous chef and wow your family with your talents.
  12. Apple, Sausage and Dijon Mac & Cheese – A wholesome dish that’s sure to make bellies happy, this delicious combination brings together the creaminess of sharp white cheddar, the tartness of Granny Smith apples, and the savoriness of sausage with a subtle kick of mustard to top it off.
  13. Chili Mac & Cheese with Cheesy Puffs – This interesting take satisfies both the desire to eat filling, mouth-watering cuisine and the desire to snack as it incorporates both homemade chili and store-bought cheese puffs.
  14. Cheeseburger Mac & Cheese – Simplistic and delicious, this recipe is sure to be a crowd favorite, complemented with fresh tomato and arugula.